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  • With a modern and intelligent design, the Avanti purifier was developed to assure a good quality of the water you and your family consume. Its adequate size, that fits anywhere, and the articulated tap provide greater practicality during the use. It also has a Triple Filtering system, which holds water impurities in 3 phases. The practical refill system GIROU TROCOU [TURNED AND SWITCHED] guarantees to the user an easy way to replace the refill and to upkeep the equipment.


    • Water at room temperature;
    • Easy to install;
    • Articulated tap
    • Triple water Filtering System.
    • Easy to put in action.
    • Practical Refill System Turned and Switched.

  • • Efficiency on the retention of particles = (P) C class ≥ 5µm to < 15µm;
    • Efficiency on the reduction of free chlorine = (C) class Approved ≥ 75% for 2000 liters;
    • Complies with the control essay of the microbiological level;
    • Product manufactured according to the Brazilian standard for devices for improvement of the water quality for domestic use; pressure device ABNT NBR16098:2012;
    • Triple water Filtering System: triple filtering refill that holds the sand particles, clay, rust, sediments, reduces chlorine and eliminates undesirable flavors and odors;
    • Nanotechnology, exclusive antimicrobial protection applied at the hydraulic circuit;
    • Compartment with ultraviolet protection UV.